These are a Few of My Favorite Things

mixed media, sound

3x3ft approx., hung from ceiling


This piece is intended to help you feel some of my experiences from my gratitude practice. Nowadays I’m often brimming with gratitude for my life and all the joy I get to feel in my body! 

There is so much thankfulness in my heart for my supportive circle of family, friends, and healers. Part of why I can experience so much gratitude now is because I didn’t let life harden me. When devastation hit, I chose to be open hearted. I chose to receive the healing I knew was possible. 

When my late partner suddenly died in October 2019, I had the same two options we all have: I could let that trauma constrict me, or use it as a catalyst for healing and expansion. There is no in-between. Choosing to heal and expand wasn’t always easy, one I chose to continually make day after day, hour after hour, breath by breath. I’m so grateful for all of the beautiful parts of life that I get to experience now, parts I deeply connect to because I chose to heal and expand with compassion, intention, and openness.