Place of Grief

cast glass, etched glass, fabricated steel, stone, ink, paper, wax, sound

6x6x4.75 in / 16x16x12 cm

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I made this experiential piece to encapsulate, process, and release some of my grief around the sudden loss of the love of my life. Writing and making artwork is how I continue to keep breathing, a way to rinse my spirit drenched in the poison of losing him.

Place of Grief

This body of light

has become a place of grief

in just one moment, one word:

Hello, from someone else’s voice.

I miss you is the color on the walls,

misery and torment decorates my skin.

The windows let the cold cruel night in.

The wind howls with my pain and sorrow,

a constant, terrible ache.

Before I was in a paradise I never knew existed.

Now I know where I live: I live in a nightmare

and I will never wake up.

Here’s how I live in this place.

I limp through each moment

struggling to breathe,

drowning in the painful ocean of loss.

I’ve been shattered into pieces impossible to count,

dully wandering for days looking to find what is no longer there.

My love has been torn from me

my life has been stolen.

I live in a place that no one knows

but me.

No one can get here

and no one can leave.