Cast glass, ceramic, resin, stone



The intention of this piece is to capture the stillness and rest I experience through cloudwatching. The guided meditation is intended to support you in accessing your own inner stillness and deeper levels of rest by connecting to the slow, gentle presence of clouds.


You are walking in the forest and come to a clearing where this ancient stone rests. 

Notice the texture of the stone against your hands.

Find comfort in the ancient Moss that’s been growing for centuries. 

Settle in, take a deep breath,

fully arrive.

Arrive in this moment, in this experience, in this body this moment. You are here.

Take a deep breath. 

Look up. You are here.

See the clear, brilliant blue sky and billowing white clouds floating by.

The sky mirrors you: open, flowing, free. You are here.

Feel your back against the ancient stone as you watch the clouds roll gently by. 

What do you see? What shapes are there?

What do you feel?

A whisper on the wind, there is nothing but now, nothing but you.