Project Description

cast glass, etched glass, fabricated steel, low-fire terra cotta, organic material

2.5×5.5×1.5 in / 6.4x14x3.8 cm

I made this piece for my late partner, Nadr, a few years ago. Here is what I wrote about it back then…

‘Remember the notes we received in school from a classmate? Such as, “Do you like me? circle one: yes no maybe”. This piece is about the moment in my journey when I circled ‘yes’ with my current partner, Nadr, and how that decision was a catalyst for me to seek healing from trauma in my past in order to create a new life.’ 

While each piece I have made is uniquely special and full of my heart, this piece is one of my absolute favorites. I wanted to encapsulate the magic and love we shared and create a monument to the special connection that drew us together. And express my deep gratitude for his support, patience, and love.

Nadr helped me see all the walls I had put up around myself and my inner world. So I went on a quest to gain insights and tools to support me in showing up as the partner I wanted to be and to facilitate freedom in my entire life in general. In layman’s terms, I wanted to unfuck my brain. We learned and grew a lot from and with each other.

I’ve added a lot more skills to my toolbox since then. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I don’t think I would have made it this far if I hadn’t been ‘building my inner mountain’ all these years. I’m so grateful for the guidance of my mentors, healers, guardians, friends, and family. I cannot imagine how anyone could navigate something like this alone.

This piece is now installed in my living room near the shrine I made for Nadr. It’s a sweet reminder of his sparkle and glowing affection for me. I miss you always Nadr, today and every day.