cast glass, low-fire soft brick

4.5×1.5×2.5 in / 11.5x4x6.5 cm

I made this piece based on a poem of blessing I wrote for myself and other people navigating the loss of a loved one. The intention is to provide a visual and mental space of calm and comfort for the viewer to rest in. 


On the day when The darkness rises To curl around you like a heavy cloud And you gasp for breath, May the breeze lift and fill your spirit with borrowed air.

And when your head

Pounds mercilessly

From crying And your throat is raw from screaming their name,

May calm call to you with its quiet voice

When their absence haunts

you at night And fills your heart with terror

May the darkness come to softly cradle you

Lulling you into the cushion of deep sleep

May the resilience of mountains be yours, May the softness of water be yours,

May the bright light of compassion be yours,

May the comfort and wisdom of the spirit guides be yours.

And so may a gentle Breeze whisper these words Of love into your spirit,

A gentle shield

To tend your heart.