The Hollow Place

cast glass, etched glass, fabricated steel, low-fire stoneware

21×9.5×7.5 in / 64.14 x 24.13 x 19.05 cm

This piece was inspired by something I read on a shaman who talked about indigenous practices and how the shift toward Western culture has impacted the earth. He spoke of how Mayan people have a deep respect for the earth and all living things, and how they have a special space- a hole in the ground, a hollow place- to process life experiences. This ‘hollow place’ is a sacred space to grieve, wrestle with death, weep and sing, to create, celebrate, and dance.

I made this piece for a client who has dedicated his life to collective healing, transformation, and liberation. ‘A Hollow Place’ is a metaphor to honor that sacred space he is creating in each moment. If you are interested in commissioning me to develop a sculpture for you, fill out this form!