Chamber of Remembering

cast glass, etched glass, fabricated steel, low-fire stoneware, sound

15×6.5×4 in / 38×16.5×10.2 cm

To view the piece with the sound element, click here

I released this piece on the day marking six months since my late partner, Nadr, suddenly passed away. I have come to realize that time no longer has much meaning; it feels like I lost him a lifetime ago while also feeling like everything happened yesterday. I have been making a lot of artwork and filling journals as I process losing him and the life we were creating. “Chamber of Remembering” acts as a keeper of happy moments, to remind me that magic and bliss exist even when I’m in a haze of grief.

I strengthen and support my practice with self development and scientific research, expanding the components beyond the boundaries of sculpture. Psychoacoustics, the scientific study of the perception of sound, has shown that sound can be used as a form of medicine, powerfully facilitating healing. The sound element in “Chamber of Remembering” is based on a chord that studies have shown to generate calm and healing.